Unity is a gigantic universe, that let’s you do multiple things. Including Provisioning for Games, Native App deployments, Geo Spatial Data based positioning. The 2D “viewport” is the same frame, that Component Based Modeling: React, Vue, SVG mounting strategies setup. Multiple frames layered in space would be the equivalent of DOM manipulation in Shadow mode. Provisioning in Unity would be the same output as AEM/DPS, Phonegap, Cordova.

There is a 3D and a 2D workflow. 3D Assets can make familiar games. Lighting can generate lo poly or photo real environments.

2D Canvas can hold fully responsive forms and interact with real time loading data.

A ROBUST free to use provisioning system let’s you generate Omni Channel/Device packages/apps/web experiences.

3D Scenes and 2D Canvas UI environments, can deploy with Native Android, IOS, Mixed VR, Desktop Apps.

Multiple packages, including ProBuilder (3D modeling), UI Builder (drag and drop responsive Viewport), Unity Mars (Mixed VR Modeling/Prototyping) can be built with several native and Web based deployment. 

Use the arrow buttons to move through the model.

This model was exported from Sketchup as an FBX with lo poly/optimized textures. Interactivity was added using Unity generated C# Scripts applied to First Person interaction with an imported 3D Architectural Model.

WASD can be used to control the forward, left, right, back.

This is a deployment test. Unity Build/Git/Netlify.


Unity can provisioning for any device. The Viewports are 2D – can be fully responsive. And 3D – can accommodate Shadow DOM resources with Geo Spatial Real Time event logic.

Includes a Cloud Based Distribution/Entitlement service in real time.

SDKs include prebuilt SDKs: Shopify, Vuforia, ProBuilder, MAP/After Effects geo targeting.


Unity Mars

Mixed VR. Unity Introduction. Just getting started. 



Augmented Reality Toolset. Utilizing Computer Vision to track Targets and 3D objects in real time.

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